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High Quality Scarlett Johansson Picture Community



This community is for the sharing of high resolution Scarlett Johansson pictures ONLY.

All posts must include at least one high quality picture of Scarlett (at least 800 pixels high or wide).

NO posting of community promotions or any posts without pictures.

NO adult content or manipulations.

Posts that link to posts in other LJ communities that contain high-res Scarlett pictures are allowed.

Please post only three thumbnails on the face of the post, and put all other thumbnails behind an lj-cut.

Please double-check the memories before posting. Post photos that we haven't seen before!

Please put event or photoshoot title at the beginning of the post so that it can be added to memories!

For more information see the user info or email maintainers gypsyjolie or undeniablynikki with questions or comments.


Undeniably Nikki
Gypsy Jolie




Lovely Scarlett @ LJ
Scarlett Johansson.Org
All Stars Online
Scarlett's IMDB profile


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Mon Aug. 22nd '05 / 10:28 am

To follow suit with the other hires communities, this community's security level is now going to be members only. You must join in order to see the future posts. All posts will automatically be friends only when you update to this community. If you want to join but do not want the posts to show on your friends page, then use the LJ filters functionality to "hide" this community. Thank you for you understanding.

EDIT: If you've posted pics here I'd appreciate it very much if you'd edit your post(s) to make them friends only. Thank you!


Welcome to hires_scarlett! [
Sat Jul. 16th '05 / 8:38 pm

[ mood | anxious ]

Welcome to hires_scarlett!

Here's where we'll share hires pictures of the beautiful wide-eyed ingenue Scarlett Johansson! We are the sister community to hires_hotties, hires_angelina, hires_drew, hires_natalie and hires_hunks. Give them a look, if you haven't already!

Please join - all members can post pictures. Pictures of anything Scarlett are welcome, BUT all pictures must be at least 800 pixel in size in heighth or width to be considered "hires". Please see the userinfo for details and all community rules.

All posts must be thumbnailed. No more than three thumbnails should be visible on the face of the post, and all other thumbnails should be behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut or to make thumbnails, please see userinfo for instructions.

All posts will be archived via the memories of this community, so that you can easily search for pictures by category. The memories can be accessed via the userinfo page (click on the little heart icon at the top center of the userinfo page). Please note that Imageshack-hosted photos aren't hosted forever, so be sure to right-click-save the photos you want to keep on your own computers.

This community is moderated by gypsyjolie and undeniablynikki. Please email us with any questions, suggestions, or issues (see user info page for email info).

Enjoy! ♥


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